Monday, July 2, 2007


Finally i finish my dreadful test and now having holiday,
but only for 1 week...
some question i even cant understand wat it ask la,
if duno de question how can u answer rite???
Weds accompany Tiff n Eunice go 2 rebonding,
then i do treatment as Tiff hav a special de she dun wan 2 do,
but when they ask i duno it dun hav include in de treatment,
i juz notted so in de end i nid pay $35 for de hair spa~~

Haiz i owes like tis so blur so,
b4 doing anything muz ask then consider twice la,
otherwise which day being liao oso duno leh...
then fri finish test go shopping wif them,
c a 'friendship necklace' tat i like,
quite expensive but i got think b4 i buy liao la,
but then Tiff them say me lor,
they say not worth as it is too expensive...haiz
Bel console me she say if u feel hapi then juz ignore wat ppl say,
Thanks Bel...muaksss luv u~~hehe

After tat i hav dinner wif sis n her fren,
i saw them b4 n i noe them,they all nice guys...
we go 2 Pearl River Palace at city hall,
it is like buffet style but is dish de,
it even got free 'fuo tiao chiang' for every ppl leh~~
de food reli nice,we all eat a lot then reli full cant move lor....

Sat accompany sis go 2 change her phone contract,
she change a new phone 2...W850i
yea i help sasa buy de things she wan lor but quite expensive leh,
nvm la i juz help her buy she think worth then worth lor...

Recently read many books n got mention bout cant 2 trust ppl,
as owes ur best fren or de ppl u believe betrayed u,
they owes de 1 who hurt u~~
haiz,disappointed wif some ppl n things...
But sis n uncle say tis is de reality,
y muz like tis leh reli cant understand.....



Anonymous said...

Ur uncle n sis say de is true.. not everyone is nice de.. have to be careful..


bubbles said...

although not everyone can be trusted. . sometimes, there wil be exception :)

ocean love said...

ya i noe...Thx lor Bel n Jey,luv u all~~haha