Thursday, July 5, 2007


Last nite i go 2 Singapore General Hospital 2 visit uncle,
here reli damn big leh~~it devide into several blocks,
Uncle look quite ok.....
I got Chat wif 'xiao shen' bout my sch n study.
She say tat Raffles Hotel training is de best,
attachment can go ther lor~~
but i think quite hard 2 enter gua so from 2day onwards,
i muz study hard dun let ppl look down on me...

Haiz,b4 we go 2 eat dinner i go say bye 2 uncle,
but de door close liao i duo nid press button beside ther,
so i stay in front of de door n even push de door,
de door still cant open wor,
then got a guy he press on de button de door open,
reli feel embarassing,
so i stand ther look here n ther,
pretend i was looking around nia~~
luckily tat time not other ppl ther...

Wow sis not bad leh,
she got Excellent Service Award Silver leh
got her photo on de wall neh,
not bad leh i oso muz work hard liao lor...
'Exorcist The Beginning' quite nice...can watch~~

Today got ppl guess i only 16 leh,
Should i hapi or sad leh???
Discover tat some guys reli cant believe they owes tell lie,
So gals u muz be very careful dun cheat by them~~

For me everyone who treat me gud r gud ppl,
so i owes get hurt coz 2 trust ppl,
i oledi get used of it liao so dun worry bout me...
But i dislike those who r like tat say they hate ppl like tat,
who r betrayer say they hate betrayer,
these make me feel wanna vomit...
shit dun 4get wat u had done 2 me,
dun act like u r innocent!!!
c wat u write in ur friendster reli make me feel uncomfortable,
i trust u a lot but wat u done reli hate me a lot!!!
I try 2 forgive u but u only make more things tat hurt me!!!
Tis world reli unfair~~sigh


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Adam said...

16? haha.. i think so..haha..who know..