Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Believe or not???

After tat day plus recently read some books,
de books owes say tat luv hurt ppl...
i discover tat i become dun believe in luv...
actually i oso duno tat is i dun believe in luv or dun believe myself,
or mayb both not de answer,
de answer is i dun hav de confidence...

I dun believe tat got ppl will luv me deeply,
i dun believe tat luv can last long...
i dun believe i can do well in a relationship,
i dun believe...many many things...
haiz i noe tat i shouldnt think like tat,
mayb juz recently n i can overcome it de...
Jenice say b4 i cant think like tis de,
u c dear i still remember wat u tell me b4~~~

Tis 2 days still got c him but i think is 'qiao he' la,
reli is 'qiao he' not 'yuan fen'...
2day wan go 4 lunch wif Tiff them n c him again,
i wan pengsan liao then i juz walk pass,
but Tiff them call my name i reli feel paiseh lor,
then i tell them dun like tat they say i 2 sensitive,
haiz ok la dun simply think liao lor...
i am him reli nth not like Pinky say de is 'zhu ding' de la,
u guys dun simply say liao pls~~
later make me keep simply think la~~~ =)

出之'孔雀东南飞' ,

Tis kind of luv reli exists?
if reli got then oso not many gua...
i reli like tis 2 sentences lor~~
but tat dun mean i believe it...haha


1 comment:

Adam said...

really ah..hard to read ur words, your background is pink your word is light green, omg ..hard to read so..

anyway, just wan to tell u love is hard to figure out right or wrong, when fate come, you can push away it..

Believe or not to believe in love, depend on knowledge which how much you understand about love.