Monday, July 9, 2007


today start class lor n first lesson is Principle of Cooking,
i same group wif Theresa,
discover tat she is reli a fu n nice person...hehe
saya tak tau dia masih tak suka saya atau tidak,
saya memang rasa dia seorang yang agak baik lor~~
we learn how 2 cut vegetables,
mine veg all not same size de~~
Dan n Eunice cut their hands,muz b3 vvery careful neh~~~

Our computer teacher very humuor n 'high' leh,
keep laughing for de whole lesson,
then got 'fun guy' come into our class announced about de Rosette dinner,
i dun think i will go but de guy reli fun...
we all bully him leh~~
Horizon oso come 2 our class 2 do reservation,
but is headwaiter do meh???
Both headwaiter n assistant headwaiter do reservation leh,
can like tis???mm.........

after class we go 2 horizon,
those guys reli fun leh we keep laughing
i think they will think we r crazy
Dan even wan headwaiter hp num but he dun give,
haha we reli crazy lor... :P

2nite got a crazy bian tai la,
he duno go wher get my msn lor
he keep saying i am sexy(i think he is lying),
then he wan video call n view webcam but i dun wan accept,
he suddenly say his tat 1 very big got 20 cm,
ask mine tat 1 big or not!!!
Walao i dun reli noe him n we juz chat within half an hour leh!!!
i pretend my eng not gud duno wat he say,
then u noe wat he say??!!
he wan me accept his webcam he use webcam 2 show me
i quickly blocked n delete him!!
nightmare,y got tis kind of ppl ar???haiz...
sien ar~~~



Adam said...

walau....really ah..u will have the nightmare met this such kind of person in msn...

ocean love said...

yalor reli horibble n scary neh~~