Thursday, July 12, 2007

yuan fen??!!

Sch start lor i think will be very bz as we got so many project,
our quality service teacher quite pretty...
she 'cou qian' 2 group us many ppl unhapi wif de grouping,
i oso wan change 2 Bel tat group but cant,she dun allowed~~
feel tat my presentation will mati lor...haiz

F&B training restaurant oso got project lth,
we hav 2 do a theme party at last they decide de theme,
b4 got day wan do movie or uniform,
but at last they say do hospital n clinic,
i under sales n marketing group,Bel n Von r head :D
through de discussion can discover our class reli got lots of prob,
haiz y like tis de leh...i dun like leh~~

Jurong point ther recently got food stall,
tat day go ther wif Pinky she tell me Beard Papa not bad,
i try de chocolate puff reli nice leh...
so soft n de cream oso not sweet...i like it
but 1 nid $2 leh so expensive...sigh
if i got lots of $$$...i can buy lots of choc puff...

Wed is Hao n Hai de birthday,
de mango cake quite nice~~
times reli pass quickly they oledi 7 yrs old,
i reli old liao lor...sverals ys ago they still bb leh~~
sad,i failed my econ...i got study it leh...
test i got write all i noe dun hav many blanks but...
haiz,damn sad...

Thurs is A Yan birthday i got call her,
hehe uncle say i gud gal still remember,
unlike da jie n er jie seems 4get liao...
2day after quality service got 2 hrs break leh,
so we go west mall ther walk walk lor~~
i buy a almond pudding 2 eat,nice leh... :P
but pinky n eunice dun like almond lor~~
Principle of cooking demo reli boring leh,haiz~~~

Do u believe in 'yuan fen'?
tis week everyday c him at least 1 time,
Mon wan go down 2 de kitchen c him,ok nvm,
Tues lunch time walk down stair c him,still nvm,
Wed after lunch wan go back sch c him at kopitiam
look out window c him wif fren,walk down stair oso c him,
ok still nvm rite,
but after celebrate H&H birthday at uncle house
walk 2 de bus stop n oso c him ther...i reli shocked
he oso at ther waiting bus(we not same bus)
1 day c him 4 times leh,
n 4th times even not in or near sch compound...

Thurs wan go back classroom still c him,
lunch time b4 go out talking wif Pinky n Eunice c him,
even break time on de way 2 west mall oso saw him...
Pinky oso say is yuan fen but i think is 'qiao he' lor...
dun think is fate or 'yuan fen' la~~~haha

Haha i in group 2 leh,
as Mr Ling canceled de class tis fri not nid go sch..
hapi leh,but tml still nid go sch,sigh.
anyway,tis week quite not bad lor.....
sis coming back liao lor~~


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Adam said...

keep it up lo...

WAH...c who?? hohohoh... kind of fate i can say...