Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Paiseh Paiseh @_@

Aiyo,monday Principal of Cooking reli ... ar,
de Bechamel sauce oledi sucess liao,
y i misunderstood wat Mr Jack Chan say n add water 2 it,
den my sauce bcum soup liao...
Guoyu same group wif me n i think he wan kill me liao,
or mayb he wan committed suicide liao...
sori la i reli didnt mean it de ma,
sigh,whole class laugh at me leh~~

Tues our class 'cha bee hoon' group done well,
many ppl buy their 'cha bee hoon',
fund raising,gambade lor...
everyone pls support us,buy our food ya~~ :D

2day Training Restaurant my position is captain,
when i openind de captain order rite,
i am thinking 2 help de cashier so i write down 1 of de mocktail amount,
but later Teresa come n ask me wat is tat,
i say de amount ma,i wan 2 help de cashier...
but when i c again,
i realised tat i write $ 2 RM...
haha RM3 only $1 sth leh...
paiseh paiseh,
i owes do such blur blur things leh..sigh~~

2day 'mummy' throw de veg on my face,
actually i reli got a little bit angry la,
TIff juz kidding wan throw tat into my mouth,
but she reli throw on my face...
I dun mind ppl hit me others part lor,
but i dun like ppl hit my face or throw things on my face,
reli...i hate it very much!!!HAIZ...

Sometimes when i talked 2 someone they juz dun listen 2 me,
my sound reli cant hear meh,
i feel oledi very loud wor,
den sometimes wat they say n do oso let me feel hurt,
i juz dun mentioned...
reli damn sad lor... :(
Pls dun like tis liao leh~~~


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