Thursday, June 21, 2007

memang malang la~~~

Tis week for me reli unlucky,
many things happen....
duno y i dun done well for my F&B Practical,
during practising quite ok but y...sigh reli sad.
Sori Kailash not reli meant 2 fierce at u,i in bad mood....

Charcoal reli nice,
environment n service nice,food oso not bad.
hav a nice time wif sis n jia seng gogo~~
I like de farmhouse soup n orange tiramisu but i dun like carrot la.

today POC presentation quite ok,
Mr Alex Tan told me tat i much more better,be more confident,
reli happy leh~~
ya i should be more confident rite..

tis few days feel sown,
no ppl could help me,
even i myself oso cant pull myself out from my depression...
giv me some times i believe tat i sure can overcome,
miss my family in Malaysia la~~
Muz learn 2 be more strong n be more confidence,

I want,I muz,I can!!!

Live owes rushing,people spend a lots of time rushing,
they never try to slow down their footsteps,
looking at de beautiful scenery around us?
Tis kind of live is gud or not gud?
Tis world is oso unfair...y???
Who can tell me???



Adam said...

this world is fair enuff, just depend on how you look at it...

ya..time can overcome everything from ur heart..

gal, let the past be past..there are lot of "beautiful scenery" towards in your life. ^^

Be Happy ya ^^

Adam said...
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Anonymous said...

life is full of challenges n to be brave n try to enjoy ur matter wat, i'll owes stand by ur side n support u lovely dear...u can make it de....^^

bubbles said...

life is unfair .

but god is fair.

is how you seize your opportunity :)