Thursday, June 7, 2007


Yesterday morning i help a guy,
I think he is oso a foreigner,
As he duno how 2 use de ticket machine 2 buy de ticket,
But actually i oso never use tat machine buy ticket i still manage 2 help him,
Quite hapi when he say hapi 2 me...
So yesterday in gud mood...

yesterday F&B practical is Mr Lam coming in,
!st time i discover tat he is much more strict than Mr Baljit,
N oso much more fassy....
He say tat our group dun hav urgency,
We even cancel de reservation n scold by him nearly an hour...
Then we finish de lunch but de food wasn't nice,
I dun like de fish...

Discover tat it is quite interedting in reading english book,
Today i cant stop reading "The Night World 5,The Chosen",
It is about vampires,i like it...
Mayb i can go find more books about supernatural!

Mr Lam 4get i will having my beverages retest today,
So de test postponed 2 tomolo,
He say tat today he oso not free as he has 2 go n greet de new principal,
Tat young handsome CEO Dr is Mr Baljit classmate,
But 4get who ask Mr Lam tat y he is principal but Mr Lam not,
U noe how he answer???
He say coz he is a Dr but Mr Lam is not,haha...

Bel say tat a doctor,official army,vet,pilot n bank CEO all are rich,
In Singapore UOB Bank is de richest,
n she want a bank CEO 2 be her husband,
We r kidding but can i reli find a rich husband???
Mayb daydreaming better...hehe

But now our class got 2 or 3 pairs lor,
Quite fast,when is my turn???
Hehe,they all so sweet leh~~~
Got a question,Can human in love wif vampire?
How will tis love end?
Who can tell me leh???



Adam said...

find the vampire lo.hehe..haha..dun worry lah...soon is your turn..who know tomorrow will happen wat... :p

Anonymous said...

Bell say everything also muz belief ar.. RAWR~

Aniways, the CEO is a Volvo.. I dun like VolVo Drivers RUDE!