Friday, June 8, 2007

Wine Tasting---A Nice Experience

Today we hav wine tasting wif Mr Lam,
Our handsome class tutor,
Ther r altogether 4 types of wine,
Two red n 2 white,actually 1 is claret...
I not sure tat is a rose wine or red...
Mayb i should ask Mr Lam or any of my classmate.
I cant drink too many as i allergy,
So my face,neck n even hand start become red after i drink some,
I reli dun hav mabuk la,i will not mabuk de...
But they dun let me drink 2 much,
Sigh,too bad!!!
Got a sweet white wine quite nice,
It made from Semillion n is fron Australia,
Another Supreriore sweet wine from Saint Emillon oso nice leh,
It taste quite gud...
And de ABV of tat claret is about 13 or 13.5% gua...
Face reli become very red n they laugh at me,
Even Mr Lam oso ask me if i'm ok or not...
Today quite not bad lor,
At least hav a try,although tis is not de 1st time i drink spirit,
But is de 1st time i sight,smell n taste wif heart...
It is a nice experience tome~~hehe
~Flyin In Dance~

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