Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Dreaming tat i go back Sibu again...
Reli miss home so much so last nite i cry...
Sis call back home let me talk wif mum.
Mum console me n tell me tat dun cry,
I come here 2 study so muz learn 2 be more brave,
dun owes cry,i can go back soon,
n i hav sis accompany me.

Dad very bad laugh at me,
He oso say i come here study not play so dun cry liao,
I can go back during holiday,
But de holiday so short,
I miss grandma so much...
N daddy if play i will never miss home or cry coz i will feel hapi ma,
Daddy oso cute leh!!!

I oso call 'a gu' talk wif her,
Ling now very cute n naughty lor,
Actually i cry oso bcoz i miss him,
But do n will him noe???
I think he will never noe how much i miss him...
Tis few days duno wat he busy wif,
Even dun reply my msn,
Reli hav a little bit hurt lor~~
Feel like ther got distance between us liao,
De truth is reli got distance rite!!!

Today teacher give back our Catering Science testpaper,
Hapi leh i got 43.5/50...
But mayb my Beverages n Communication will mati.
Mr Lam say my retest paper will much more difficult than theirs paper,
Sigh,who ask me wan sick n MC!!!
Who 2 blame?De viruses,handsome doctor or me???

Feel tat our class not as gud as b4,
Actually is noe many ppl true colour liao,
Quite disappointed lor...
As de chinese idiom say,
"lu yao zhi ma li,ri jiu jian ren xin"
Tis is de reality,
Dun owes think tat everything n everyone is gud,
Coz i owes easily believe ppl,
so i owes been cheated n bully by ppl,
As i dun live in de fairytales story,
If can i reli hope tat i live in it,
Live in my dream then can never wake up.
Prefer dream than reality...
Fairy Godmother pls grand my wish,
Tis is not de world i wan...

~Lonely Angel~

1 comment:

Adam said...

homesick hm...everyone will have so, anyway...soon will be alrite..

Distance love?? haha..anyway, depend one how u maintain it lo..
BTW, who ah..?? curious ^^ din' tell me de..ho...hahah...