Saturday, June 16, 2007


Mon i nearly late,
Luckily i call a cab n rush 2 sch,
Although i didn't late but de taxi fee damn expensive leh...
when F&B practical we dun hav service,
we revise de napkin folding n how 2 change tabel cloth.
After sch Tiff,Eunice,Dan,Pinky n me 2gether eat dinner.
tat nite i chat wif Esther(Eunice sis),
she is a nice n fun gal....quite like 2 chat wif her.

Tues dun hav POC so we hav a longer break,
after dabao we go 2 Eunice house 2 do our porject,
saw Esther at home she is reli cute neh...

Wed duno y suddenly feel down n sad,
noe tat Theresa dun like me,mayb can say hate gua,
without any reason juz bcoz a misunderstanding,
although Tiff oledi explain 2 her but she juz say hate then hate liao lor...
SIgh Sigh Sigh.....
all bcoz of 'K' but i think she not on purpose de gua.
Bel say we can plead every ppl so juz ignore her,
Do urself then ok liao lor....
Miss him,wanna cry...

Thurs is 14/06/07 leh,
u noe today is wat day???
Y still dun reply de leh???
keep wqaiting neh,wanna become stone lor........

Fri sit in front of her n heard she use Hokkien say sth to Tiff,
I noe she is talking bout me coz i can understand it ma,
although i cant speak but tat dun mean i can understand lor,
if easy de me no prob de,hehe...
Tiff noe tat so we shift place lor,
sigh i reli so annoying ar?
joke 2 Mr Vincent Tan n he hit me la,hehe.

Sat leh still got make up class,poor me!!!
Y got pick up Tiff phone but dun answer mine?
N oso dun reply my msg???
Mayb reli nid let go liao,
If belong 2 me then it's mine,if not force oso no use,rite?
After sch go 2 woodlands look 4 Hee cousin,
Long time dun c her luh,she still so slim.
Meet Susi at woodlands shopping mall food court leh!!!
After tat i go home lor...
on9 chat wif my dear gf(Esther),dear(Jenice) n Sasa,
they oso say mayb i should let go,


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