Saturday, June 2, 2007

Unlucky week

Tis week reli unlucky,
Mon during F&B practical i spilt coffee on customer,
me oso all wet...
Reach home still got a lot of things 2 do,
nid wash de cloth;typing my assignment n do de proof-reading,
can u imagine how tired i am???

Weds morning start feeling uncomfortable,
n yet ther r some prob wif our POC group member,
not only tat...
ours thing is too long so Mr Alex Tan wan us 2 do it again,
we can regroup n change de movie...
tat nite start fever,
feel so suffer.........
after ea panadol i go 2 sleep hope tat tomolo will feel better.

But next morning i feel worst,
so uncle bring me 2 c doctor,
i hav high fever~~39.4 c leh,
so doc give me 2 days mc.
de medicine make me feel tired n sleepy,
i sleep for whole day.

Fri morning still fever so i cant go 2 school,
can attend me beverage exam n oso cant attend de safti...
feel so suffer,boring down,too.
Y feel down???
I oso duno~~
mayb bcoz of something or someone...
miss my family,miss him,miss a lot of things,
feel like wanna cry.

Wat should i do?
Who can help me?

~Lonely Angel~

1 comment:

Adam said...

you should take a good care, dun get sick again..^^