Wednesday, May 16, 2007

2nd Serving

Today F&B Practical we hav our 2nd serving,
coz it is lunch time so full house...
we failed to control de environment so we all become panic,
not knowing wat to do....
so hav done quite a lots of mistake.

i even forget nid 2 serve de meal from which side,
de coffee n tea nid 2 serve from left.
sigh...muz remember n dun do it again lor.
de plates reli heavy,
nearly cant hold it liao,
only hold for a while my hand pain,
useless me....

today Danny accidentally step on my shoes so i fall down,
in front of so many ppl, those who i noe n duno,
reli feel very embarrassed la,
i oso hurt my leg,
so painful tat i can walk properly liao
poor me...poor leg...poor Lyn...

Type type type,
red n white wine grapes is driving me crazy,
but still nid do it n pass it up la!!!
Will i become a wine expert???

Wan money,money come!!!
Tis few days so tired...
miss my hometown liao,
last nite dream tat i go home,
n i hug mummy,saying tat 'I am home',
when i awake discover it's only a dream how sad i am...

Wan eat cheese cake,delicious laksa and others hometown foods la,
when can i go back n eat....
sob sob sob....
miss all my fren n family is Malaysia....
wan go back la....
when can go back ma...


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