Saturday, May 12, 2007


Wow, a bag of novels reli heavy,
imaging i carry it n stand 4 nearly 35 mins...
heavy rite!!!
hope tat after carry it my arm can become more slim....

Today Long come over here interview n c me,
so after he finish interview i go to china town 2 meet him.
he let me wait 4 him leh!!!

After tat we go harbourfront...
opposite it is Sentosa,
facing de sea quite 'sui sui' leh,
i think next time can ask some frens together go ther take photo...
But y vivocity wan build so big la,
walk tell leg pain liao lor,

today c 2 pairs of lovers kiss in front of me,
is lip 2 lip leh,
so sweet...hehe...
then we go 2 Jurong Point,
but only 4 a while then i nid go liao,
sigh sigh sigh...

But anyway i hav a happy time lor~~~
he walk 4 whole day till he legs so painful.
dun hav pain pain la let me sayang...
i'm witch so i hav magic,
believe or not?


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