Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yesterday is sis's birthday wor
so her fren,she n i go AMK Hub walk walk
we go 'Ping Si' eat lunch
tat is a hong kong restaurant de food is nice wor
but~~~my chix chop cheese baked rice 2 many onion la
i dun reli like 2 eat onion de lor~~~hehe
den we go do classic pedicure
after tat we go watch movie 'Accuracy'
wow Jin cheng wu reli handsome n cool wor
u noe sis buy 1 big box of popcorn wor
they so bad lor only leave a little bit
so at tat 1 hour sth me alone keep eating de popcorn
coz dun wanna wasted food ma
so i keeping eating non stop eating till i wanna vomited liao
wow i so lihai eat till half left wor wahaha i soooooo lihai lor

Den after tat jie nid go jia sheng gogo house
so i will go Jurong Point meet Yanxi lor
but b4 we left jie wanna buy durian cake
walao durian cake leh i hate durian lor
Yanxi had buy a colour de wor haha
i had buy french manicure nail n de sticker those things
so can designed myself de
after i put it on i regreted liao
coz although it is nice but very inconvenience
like very 'ting te' n it easily dropped lor
so angry i should noe it de rite
but last nite dunno wat happened 2 me
den i buy it...spending $22 lor
idiot me wanna killed myself liao
sigh wat should i do leh oledi buy liao
throw away den wasted money wor
weared it leh so troublesome n inconvenience haiz~~~

Today 12 sth meet Tiff n Dan at city hall mrt station
we planned 2 go Swisshotel 2 do research
b4 tat they go Soupspoon eat lunch
i sit aside read my book
den we go Swisshotel but they say if wanna c Security manager
den nid 2 make appointment den muz weekday wor
since Dan wan go Carlton hotel help his cousin do sth
so we go try Carlton hotel lor
we talked w de scurity supervisor
he quite nice wor answer our question nicely
den we oso observed de hotel
after tat as i dun wanna be light bulb
so i go home lor...

Nite jie not feeling well wor
so i called uncle den we 2gether accompany sis go c doc
luckily sound not so serious
jie ar u muz take k lor
dun owes get sick so weak ar not gud wor....
haha~~~i wanna do facial la
c when free muz go do liao~~~ >_<


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