Thursday, August 30, 2007

Theme party is coming

Next Wed is our class theme party,
time reli passed quickly
so got a lot of things 2 do...
after theme party we got test n presentation...
so horrible leh~~~

I cum here oledi about 4 months but my English still so poor,
muz improve la cant like tis leh~~~
TIs weeks keep raining reli cold
but when hot reli hot
y here dun hav spring,summer,autumn n winter???

Got dream bout grandma,
she cum back visit me,
inde dream she look hapi n healthy,
she can stand straight liao...
hope grandma reli gud without any pain...
coz she is a gud person =D

Thrus morning dun hav QS n Food lesson,
12pm we go 2 Westmall to do our QS survey
b4 tat we had lunch at either KFC or Burgerking
I eat KFC,sit wif Yanxi n Weejun
walao i juz say i still single n dun hav ppl wan
den u noe wat Weejun do???
He say aloud tat I still single n available
den others ppl turn n look at me
luckily tat few table all are our classmate lor~~

Today still rain heavily feel so cold
during POC lesson i am de assistant so nid help
so dun hav try de food Mr Jack Chan cook lor
nvm la tml practical can cook n eat...hehe

Sis today do night shift so sleep alone
boring no ppl talk wif me leh~~


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