Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I hate test!!!

Test test test,
tis week from mon till weds got test,so tiring leh!!!
finally 2day we finish test n tomolo holiday...
noe y holiday?bcuz it is Singapore birthday-National Day
Happy Birthday 2 u Singapore...

Mon POC we r doing Cream of mushroom n Spagetti Bolognoise,
duno y we cook de not so nice wor...
de MIS quite ok lor...

Tues POC test,cincai do la hope will pass...
wow i got 36/45 for my MIS progress test,keep it up!!!
tat nite eat steamboat,haiz like tis how 2 keep fit?
owes eat n eat n eat leh~~
den still nid study Quality Service,
dun hav de mood 2 study la =D

yesterday TIff reli 'diu lian'
when we r having lunch at food court,
ther hav a guy tat CHew Siyn say quite handsome,
his name is Alan Chia,
den when we finish eating got ppl cum n collect plates,
when we wan leave CS slow slow,
so TIff say wat r u waiting,still c not enuff Alan ar,
tat guy heard wat she say n look at us,
his face juz like 'hor,i noe wat u guys talking bout'
walao reli paiseh lor...
another 'diu lian' thing tat 1 not nid say liao la...

i reli like our course tutor Miss Kang a lot,
who so bad simply complain her n hurt her,
dun let me find out or i will kill u ar...
2day TR doing English Service,
de platter damn heavy lor,hand so painful leh~~
Bar Snowmanship got try some quite nice de cocktail,
Liquor n Mixes dring include Bloody Mary n others nice drinks...

walao reli can talk bout others ppl
coz when u mention their name later they will appear in front of u,
2day TIff them juz mentio his name den he walked into our class
as he is having TR n taking reservation.
We duno wat time we finish class so we dun go,
but later Mr Albert Ong say will finish earlier so they wan go,
ask me muz go wif them...
den Eunice them go ask whether got seats,
duno how 2 express by words but reli very funny lor...

den when we r having dinner they keep bullying me,
say wat i like tat guy wor,
they ask his age,wher he cum from n wat wat wat,
den keep calling my name,
make me feel so paiseh...
walao dun like tis leh,next time is my turn 2 bully u guys...
wait ar~~
tomolo holiday still nig go out do project,
sigh reli tired...
but wat 2 do leh???


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