Friday, July 25, 2008

Sigh world reli unfair rite
sometimes rich ppl only care bout themselves
but poor ppl wanna help others
so they can sacrifice themselves
y like tis de leh???

Tat teacher reli very 'wei da' wor...
look wat she had done 4 student
and look wat tat 3 rich barbarian done
they should be hang till death!!!
reli heartless sia wat r they thinking
they dun hav brain???
idiot y tis world hav such idiot
juz bcoz of those idiot so de world not peace
all these ppl should be torture till die
since they hav no feeling
n dun care bout others ppl ma
hate those IDIOT!!!BARBARIAN!!!
coz of those barbarian make me feel bad
i am now in BAD MOOD la!!!


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