Sunday, January 6, 2008

Back 2 Malaysia lor

Long time didnt blog liao lor
coz bz n oso lazy lor
time passed away quickly
christmas is over but i didnt receive lots of present
haha LOLS~~~
finish outlet training lor
now back 2 malaysia liao

But sometimes feel boring lor
as got nth 2 do
i change hairstyle lor
at 01/01/08~~~
haha not bad rite
cool leh
they say look younger w tis hairstyle
mum's fren even guess tat i only 15 wor

Got go back sch visited teacher
eat a lots of nice nice food
go watch movie
go shopping...
very fast nid go back sg again
haiz...den can only cum back at yr end liao
y my sch so little holiday nia leh???


1 comment:

Adam said...

hey post ur new look...see really 15 years old or not.. :)