Thursday, December 13, 2007


Haha 2day i am de captain 4 station 1
den got 1 table is 4 women
they quite friendly as i wanna take rder 4 them
1 of them greet 2 me
she say 'hi morning evelyn'
n after i take de order i repeated de order
n 1 of them saying wow wonderful
another women even take my photo when i taking de order
how nice they are

Later when i asked them if they would like some more coffee
1 of them say no n say sth
i dun remember wat she say
den she asked me if i noe wat is de meaning of pengsan
i say i noe as i can speak malay
coz i am malaysian
den they like happy?shocked?haha
they asked u r malaysian not singaporean
i say ya i am malaysian
den they start 2 say malay w me

they asked me which part am i from
i say sarawak
den they asked kuching???
i say cbu
den they say ooo...
they r from brunei n say my malay quite gud~~~haha
i tell them i hav an aunt at brunei
b4 i used 2 go ther when free or holiday

b4 they go they called me n giv me $$$
i blur den asked them y
they day tips...
keke tis is de 1st time ppl giv me tips neh
they r so friendly n nice...

Today m'am angry
coz some of them drink soda water n she discovered
sigh hope 2day she not angry anymore~~~

Mm...yesterday make jie angry ar...
haiz haiz haiz


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